Artist in the School- Look what we can do! 850 Self Portraits

 I had the great fortune of sharing my passion at Bedford Park Public School January 2015.

Art Studio for Children facilitated 850 Self Portraits in a project I call “Paddle Your Own Canoe”.

It was highly successful with 100% involvement of both the student body (K-grade 8), teachers and principal. I was very proud to bring this project so successfully to the entire school and to discuss character with tomorrow’s future generation. The nominal fee per child was paid for by each family (accommodations were made for those unable to pay). I encouraged a natural fundraising component to add to the excitement – A wordle poster with the character traits featuring prominently in each class will raise funds for the school and further awareness on the meaning of character.It was an incredibly unifying experience and the response has been wonderful. This initiative (or one from a variety that we offer) is ready to come to your school either by the class or the school total.

In the words of the President of the Parent Council –

“Art Studio for Children gave the school, the community, as well as each individual child, a fabulous experience. They created something truly meaningful which offered both a unifying experience for the school as well as an inspiring personal experience. It was a total pleasure working with you on the Character Canoe Project. It was a highlight with the kids and has added a real bonus to the school year. Your energy and commitment was amazing. You have been on fire. Thank you for giving it your all. It has been a huge success!”

(further testimonials are available) Please let us know how we can serve your school community. This is my passion and I am eager to share it. Nancy Macdonald Owner and Founder Art Studio For Children inspiring creativity in children since 2002

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