Art Birthday Parties

Art Studio artful birthday parties are the best kind of fun for children or adults. Held at the Art Studio or in the your home* (inside, or outside if weather permits). We provide all the materials required to engage party guests in a wonderful art project of the host’s choice to commemorate the special day, and give each child something special to take home.

Events over zoom always available, complete with art kits.

Fee:  In person $35 per person with a $395 minimum. This includes all materials and HST.
*We can relocate to your home, cottage or chalet for an additional fee.
Over zoom $395 plus $50 pp for every child after the 8th child.

Design Birthday Parties

Do you have a fashionista at home (or are you one yourself) whose birthday is coming up? We have the perfect party idea.
Book studio time for your child and their friends to create  ASFC artwork in our studio.
Decide how you would like us to customize the artwork created. Products are made in Canada & ethically produced.
This artful item is a unique keepsake for party guests.
Fee: $32 per person with a 12 person minimum for the  party.
*We can relocate to your home, cottage or chalet for an additional fee.
Fee does not include design customization and ordering of product.

What our artists and their parents think of our b-day parties

Nancy you were excellent. I couldn’t be more pleased. Thank you. I will most definitely refer you.
Mom to several ASFC Artists
My friends told me that was the best party they had ever been to.
7 years old, Host of a ASFC Party