Corporate Testimonials

Nancy helped bring our visions to life

So fun!! I love being creative!

The only thing that was wrong with this art team build was that we did not get to do it all night!

Nancy helped make a daunting task doable and fun. I love her attitude! She was amazing.

Step by step encouragement and direction.
Super fun!
Fully engaging.

It was very fun, easy to do and the results were amazing.

Interesting metaphor. Actually walking the tightrope was fun.

The end project looked way better than I expected! Nancy provided helpful coaching when needed.

As a facilitator, you brought such bright positive energy – really important when you come towards the end of a long day

You engaged EVERY ONE. Many that I thought would have been less enthusiastic about this were totally into it.

Team loved the creative exercise and you tied it nicely to mindfulness

The tightrope analogy was brilliant and the tight rope was a fun, relevant activity

You provided great direction – just enough to get us going and then helpful tips & tricks along the way

Enough direction but not too much – people enjoyed being left free towork at their own pace

The materials were high quality and easy to work with

Sculptures exceeded expectations