Corporate Team Builds

Team Build And Design Workshop

Birch Hill Equity

A team from Birch Hill Equity Partners joined us in the studio to create original artwork. Their artwork was used in our design lab to create one of a kind products so that each participant took home a painting and a tote or make up bag.

Art Studio’s Tightrope Walker Project

Sklar Wilton and Associates

In meeting with the partners of this fabulous Toronto marketing firm, it became apparent that their focus for 2015 was Mindfulness. With that in mind, we developed the idea of the Tightrope Walker Project. Life is a 3 ring circus, with challenges, adversity, surprise and distraction and we cannot control the uncontrollable. All we can do is control how we react, how we come back to center and how we get to the other side on that tightrope.

They did a blog post on the event. Take a look here. Watch the video to learn more about our incredible day at Sklar Wilton and Associates.

Anniversary Mural with ASFC & Michelle Vella

Sklar Wilton and Associates

To celebrate SW&A’s 30 year anniversary, Art Studio worked alongside acclaimed Toronto based artist Michelle Vella to commission a 28 foot long mural for the firm’s office space. Sklar Wilton wanted the mural to illustrate the companies history, mission and brand. To reinforce the company’s focus on teamwork, the employees of the firm then decorated the border of the finished mural with photos of their team.

Corporate Art Social

Sapient Global Markets

For an evening social at the Sapient Global Markets offices, ASFC led employees through “A Study of Pears” (still life acrylic on canvas).


“We all had excellent food, cold drinks and came away with personal masterpieces!”


An Evening in the Studio

Broadreach Communications

Broadreach employees enjoyed an evening of creativity and community in the ASFC home studio. The team walked away with individual masterpieces: colorful birch trees (acrylic on canvas), and an incredible memory!


“My team and I loved every moment of it and would love to come back again next year!”

Who have we worked with so far?

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