Fall 2017 Classes


Crowded Bus Stop of Characters Spring 2017 Wait until you see what we will do for Fall


Classes run from Tuesday September 5th – Monday December 18th 2017, unless otherwise indicated.

 Please EMT full amount to register and secure your spot.

On the full 15 week program please note- full term $499, half term to Oct 18 $299



If you don’t see a class time that suits please reach out – we will make a class for you for 4 or more students.

When we are not in studio, we are in schools, corporations and organizations bringing art to the many.

Mondays 11:30 -12:45 lunchtime $349 No Class Monday 25

After 4- Blythwood Public School Program

6:30-8:30 5 week class $229 November 7- Dec 5

Tuesdays Lunchtime Ledbury

6:30-8:00 3 week class Large Canvas $295 October 10,17,24

After 4- Oriole Park Public School Program

Wednesdays Lunchtime Ledbury

4:00-5:30 Home studio 15 weeks $499

6:30-8:00 Large Canvas Family Tree Project 2 weeks $195 November 8, 15

Thursdays 9-10:30 Adult Class 15 weeks $499

Lunchtime AHPS

After 4 Home studio  4-5:30

-Studio open for B day parties, Large Canvasses and special projects


Lunchtime AHPS

4:00-5:30 Home Studio 15 weeks $499 No class FRIDAY SEPT 22

Saturdays  Family Paint or Private Large Canvas Projects (depending on availability in the studio)

Sundays 3:30-5:00 pm 6 weeks $250 October 15- November 19

Join us mid term and we will pro rate