Original Family Portraits


One of Art Studio’s most popular projects is the Original Family Portrait. This becomes a unique and cherished gift.You choose any backdrop for the 30X40″ canvas- be it meadow, ski hill, lakefront, farm, cottage, ocean and beach- or something you dream up.  We prepare the simple  background so that the canvas is dry before the group arrives. An hour and a half of private studio time is booked. You drop off all the children who will be involved in the portrait (siblings, cousins etc) to the art studio and the children work together on  the single large canvas. A beautiful, unique and personal family portrait emerges.The Original  Family Portrait is the perfect gift for grandparents, teachers, dad, mom or the favourite aunt or uncle. It becomes the family’s most prized possession from $370. All materials, instruction, 30X40″canvas, two coats of water base varnish and private studio time included. Larger canvasses available.

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biking OFP
biking OFP

To get a better idea of how this treasure can be yours, take a look at our short Original Family Portrait video here: