What our artists and their families say about us


Art Studio students and parents say it best:

 “Nancy of the Art Studio for Children runs the most wonderful art programs.  Our three kids have attended her classes over several years.   They come home with beautiful pieces of art work that you will hang on your wall.  In fact with one wall covered in each of their bedrooms, we are now rotating through the pieces to display.   Nancy does not focus just on the end product; she carefully teaches the children the technique, so that they understand the process and learn as they are creating.  She is full of warmth and care, always listening to their ideas and questions, and inspires every student to show their hidden artist within. 

Recently she ran an art class at my son’s birthday party.  While most were excited with the project, a couple of the boys were not so enchanted by the prospect of doing art at a party.   With tremendous patience, wit and encouragement, by the end of the art time, these two boys were still, hard at work.  She had turned them around and their lack of enthusiasm was dissipated – she had sparked their creative side, and they proudly went home with beautiful pieces of art.

I would highly recommended Nancy for any art program.  The children will be inspired and their creativity will thrive.  The parents will be pleased as they hear children excitedly describe the fun they had at art class and how they created their masterpieces.

With Nancy and her Art Studio for Children, there will many more homes proudly displaying walls full of children’s art”

– Melodie – mom to 3 art studio students

“I like Art Studio because:

1. It is very fun.2. You get a chance to make beautiful art work.3. Nancy is a very nice art teacher.4. Nancy always welcomes newcomers.5. I especially like her very very much.”

– Jake (age 9 and 4 year Art Studio student)

“We always appreciate what fine work they bring home. They proudly wrapped presents for family members this Christmas. Thanks Nancy. ”

       -Tom S. ( Dad of two art students)

“Our two children (ages 7 and 9) participated in Nancy’s Art Studio for Children at JRR this past spring.  It quickly became their favourite day of the week.  The children created a range of art projects, which allowed them to develop their own styles while learning traditional art skills.  The projects were suitable for children of different ages and skill levels.  The children thoroughly enjoyed their classes.” 

– Sarah G.

“Sitting at Nancy’s art table creating whatever she has in store is a heavenly way to spend a morning.”

– Rindy (Mom and participant in Art Studio workshops for moms)

“My five-year-old son, Ben, absolutely loves taking art with Nancy! She is a talented and patient teacher, who is as enthusiastic as her students. I’m constantly amazed by the beautiful creations that Ben proudly completes every week, and that I happily display throughout our house. I’ve recommended Nancy to many of my friends because she really fosters a child’s creative energy in a nurturing environment. My son and I think she’s wonderful!” 

– Kelly

“There is nothing better than the excitement a child has when they’ve made something they are proud of. Nancy’s Art Studio classes are an incredible introduction to the wonderful world of creativity, thank you for your commitment to teaching our children”. 

– Paddy, mom of Graydon (6 year old Art Studio student)

“SOOOOO much fun!  You are great at what you do!”

– Kim

“The kindergarten teachers at Allenby had the pleasure of working with Nancy Johnston from Art Studio for Children this past Spring.  Everyone was greatly impressed by the quality of art instruction and ultimatly the beautifully made art pieces created by the children.  From her child friendly approach to teachingand her kindness and patience with each individual child, Nancy was able to guide ten classes with around 20 students each through the artistic process to create a Father’s Day water colour painting of an apple on canvas.  The art piece was age appropriate and the children were delighted with their creations.”  

– Michelle

“Nancy was incredible to work with.  Not only did my children have a fabulous time with her, creating a beautiful painting, but she was so thoughtful and accommodating of my wishes for the piece of art, ensuring I was going to be most happy with the outcome.  The painting is fabulous and hangs as the main focal point in our living room.  it means so much to me and my kids, given that they created it with Nancy’s guidance and vision.  I would highly recommend Nancy and her art programs.”

– Dana

“Just a quick note to extend our sincere thanks to you for the fantastic experience you gave Caroline and all of the girls. They all obviously had the time of their lives and I can say that my kid, who is pretty smiley most of the time, has had this unbelievable 1000 watt smile on her face all day- and she hasn’t drawn a breath describing everything down to the last detail. Thanks again for taking such good care of her.” 

– Anne mom of summer art camper

 “My favourite part about Nancy’s Art Studio Class is that the children always come home with a BEAUTIFUL and USEFUL creation. Whether it is a painting on canvas that is ready to hang, a vase, a tray, or a beaded tree trim at Christmas, everything has a home as soon as the children complete it. It has been a favourite program of both mine, my son’s and my daughter’s.”

– Lisa, mom of two Art Studio students

“We are thrilled with your program!  The projects are always original and well thought out, exposing the kids to a variety of mediums. Both my sons and my daughter have been taught by you and all have loved the class. You are patient and kind and make  art fun for the kids. I would highly recommend Art Studio for Children to any one.”

–  T.N.