what our artists/ parents have to say

Graceful. Eloquent. Patient. Real. Dynamic. Inspirational. Organized.

We have had the pleasure of having Nancy as a part of the community that has instilled creative thinking and trust with our three children. Her incredible organization, planning and ability to find just the right words, examples and medium to inspire our children to step out of their box and create artistic pieces has provided not only our children but my husband and I with great joy. Since the age of 4, we have watched her introduce our children to different mediums and tools and to trust themselves to stretch their mind. She is more than an art teacher, she is a trusted person that sees each of our children in a different light and always with patience and grace. Our children always left Nancy with an extra bounce in their step and a smile on their face, but not before showing off their “creative projects” to us with genuine pride. Any child or family, regardless of their artistic ability – because Nancy brings it out in every child. Everyone should have Nancy in their community, she is a gift that you can give your children, and the art that comes back – well, hangs on our walls proudly.

ASFC Parent
Parent to 3 ASFC Artists
Our family has religiously participated in Nancy's art classes, camps, and parties since 2011. The ASFC experience is about more than making art - Nancy educates her students about techniques and themes as well as role modelling the perseverance, effort, patience and joy that goes into every piece.

large canvas experience
KS and B Family

I was quite stunned when I saw what Maya painted.  She was so excited to show us - she kept it hidden until we were home and all together for the final reveal. She is amazing, but you are SO amazing for your guidance and skills.  The paintings are gorgeous!  Thanks again Nancy - Maya also explained all the concepts she learned.  She is so proud of her paintings- I'm really in awe!

large canvas experience
Mom of 4 ASFC Artists

My daughter has been Nancy's art student for close to 7 years and the ASFC programs (both in the city and country) are among Alexa's most treasured life experiences. Nancy's love of art and passion for life is reflected in the creative output of her students.

Jenn Kerr

Under Nancy’s creative guidance, our girls over the years appear to be partaking in an apprenticeship more than an art class.They are challenged to create imaginative and dynamic pieces which they are proud to discuss and display. Nancy is a lovely person who is a very gifted artist and teacher. 

Aggarwal Family

What a beautiful gift you are to my family!! My girls love you and I love that they have the opportunity to learn from you. Thank you!!

Wendy D
Mom of 2 ASFC Artists

The walls in our home and our Collingwood retreat are full of life & colour thanks to the time our three daughters have spent creating art with Nancy over the past 12 years!

Boone Family

Hi Nancy,

Thank you so much for another wonderful experience for both my son and daughter! They so enjoyed their time with you and the art that they created.

We heard many of the fun moments and stories of their friends and campers. They both really express such a confidence and happiness for having spent the time with you this week.  Grazie!



Well we couldn’t have asked for a better intro to camp. Your girl had a wonderful time. Happy as a clam. Very proud of herself and a little sad at missing her pals. She came home and set up her art and sat down with some water and started sketching. Best part of all the wonderful things about art camp is watching kids being kids. Swimming and singing and getting dirty and creating and no technology or driving around. Art camp is about so much more than art. A safe place to explore being away from home is priceless. Especially knowing she’s with you.

J Simmonds