Workshops for Moms

Winter Workshops- Adult – Thursday mornings 9-10:30. $360 for 9 weeks 

New Projects! More than just art. Therapy. Humour. Community.



beautiful women and beautiful art

Art Studio Adult Workshops offer you the opportunity to get together for community and creativity. Workshops take two forms – Large Canvas projects with 2 or more people or smaller canvas or art projects or parties ranging from ornament design, painting,  card making, collage, water colour and more.

Workshops are held at the Art Studio or in your home.  You can book one workshop at a time. Many planned creative get-togethers of 5 people or more at their homes or the Art Studio.

‘Fab at 50 party’ – 10 women together for an evening in the studio celebrating 50th birthdays – champagne, self portraits and fabulous results – take a peek and book your evening now.

“In Nancy’s studio, we were all children again, dreaming up our perfect selves. Turning 50 then becomes a journey of wonder and delight.” – Anne


Large canvas dreams come true! What is hanging on your walls? Come to us! No experience required.