Artist in School

In 2014, we were thrilled to embark on a school wide character/art project at Bedford Park Public School in Toronto. Art Studio for Children worked with all children from grades K-8 to discover our individual strengths and create one of our favourite self portraits: “Paddle Your Own Canoe” (seen in picture far right)

Legacy Projects

Legacy Projects are art projects that departing grades (JK-SK , grade 6s or Grade 12s) work on with us to leave a legacy behind at their school. Format can include large canvas, series of canvasses, mural, or bench. The penguin is the mascot of the school.

Here the mascot is bittersweet saying goodbye to all the grads. Each child painted their own face onto a balloon. (as shown in picture far left)

Art Studio for Children gave the school, the community, as well as each individual child, a fabulous experience. They created something truly meaningful which offered both a unifying experience for the school as well as an inspiring personal experience. It was a total pleasure working with you on the Character Canoe Project. It was a highlight with the kids and has added a real bonus to the school year. Your energy and commitment was amazing. You have been on fire. Thank you for giving it your all. It has been a huge success!
monet at art camo R L 2014
Bedford Park Parents Association

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