Original Family Portraits

the perfect gift for grandparents, teachers, dad, mom or favourite aunt or uncle

 The OFP becomes a unique and cherished gift. Choose any backdrop for the canvas- be it meadow, ski hill, lakefront, farm, cottage, ocean and beach- or something you dream up. We prepare the simple background so that the canvas is dry before the group arrives. Two hours of private studio time is booked.

Artists may include siblings/cousins/ parents/grandparents or just one individual.

A beautiful, unique and personal family portrait emerges.

Fee: from $395

Includes all materials, instruction, large canvas, HST, two coats of water base varnish and private studio time.

For those either out of town or uncomfortable in person, the OFP has been very successful over zoom.





Nancy was incredibly patient and overly enthusiastic which triggered the kids to be fully engaged and proud of their finished product.  C.A. – mom and participant of OFP over ZOOM


For more information about our wonderful Original Family Portraits email Nancy at nancy.artstudioforchildren@gmail.com
or call (416) 662-0047 if you do not get a reply within 48 hours.